Therapy for Marginalized Folx

You just want to be seen – AND loved – for who you really are, not the mask you wear every day. Because the mask feels heavy. Exhausting. And you are lonely. But, somewhere inside, you know it doesn't have to be this way. You're looking for someone you can trust enough to drop the pretense and learn how to live with courage and connection.

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Transgender Care

Exploring and expressing your transgender identity can be an exciting and scary time. Maybe you've been thinking about taking this step since you were a kid, and are looking for the support you need to take the leap. Maybe you're in the "middle" of the process and struggling with the reactions you're getting from loved ones. Maybe you transitioned years ago and are coping with something completely unrelated to gender. This is the place for you.


Nearly everyone experiences something traumatic in their life at one time or another. It could be a car accident, an abusive relationship or things that happened in childhood. If you are Black, Indigenous or another Person of Color coping with systemic racism, microaggressions or overt hostility daily is also traumatic. Sometimes we don't even recognize how something impacts us until years later or as you watch your children grow up. What you want is to heal the pain, not just cover it over or ignore it.


You’re questioning who you are now, the values or beliefs you were raised with seem to not fit or single you out for uncomfortable reasons. You're not sure what direction to go or who you can turn to. Or, maybe you have always felt "out of place" in places you "should" belong. Maybe you're the only person like you in your workplace or at home and that's starting to get harder to manage as the world changes.

Healing Professionals

You take care of others all the time. It's your job, and more importantly, it's who you are. But recently, you've found yourself struggling to get to work on time or you're more irritable with colleagues. You're calling out or cancelling clients/patients more often. You tell yourself that this will pass, but it doesn't seem to be changing. You're wondering if you can take the time for yourself when there's so much to do for everyone else.

Active Duty and Veterans' Spouses

Military life is stressful, for both the Active Duty Member and their spouse. Sacrifice becomes not only frequent, but the norm.  Military deployments, PCS, TDY, and all the other separations and changes can take a toll on even the healthiest relationships. When you or your loved one separates from active duty, the stressors don't always end. For Active Duty Members, asking for help can be fraught with stress and as their spouse, you’re taking on a lot of emotional labor to fix and support someone who is struggling.


Whether you identify as woman or man, Transgender, Cis Gender, A-Gender or none of the above, many people struggle with their gender identity. Or maybe you're struggling with how to tell your family you've fallen for someone of the same sex. Or finally acknowledged that you're asexual, and grappling with your romantic relationship. Maybe it feels like everyone is trying to tell you who you are.


Thanks to the new Board of Behavioral Health Rules, LMSWs and LACs can now open their own Private Practice. This has created amazing new opportunities for therapists in Arizona. If you're on the path to licensure and are starting out in Private Practice, you'll need a Supervisor who will be with you every step of the way.


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Are you a LCSW or LAC and looking for a Consultation Group that's small and includes like-minded clinicians? Coming soon, I will be hosting a Consultation Group in our beautiful Civano location.


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