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Call 911 or the Community Crisis Line at 520-622-6000.

Dena M. Omar, LCSW

10501 E. Seven Generations Way, Ste 121

Tucson, AZ 85747


ph. 520-833-4290

fax. 888-972-9484

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Or, send me a short note. I'll respond to emails within 24 hours and phone calls within 3 days.

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You just want to be seen – AND loved – for who you really are, not the mask you wear every day. Because the mask feels heavy. Exhausting. And you are lonely. But, somewhere inside, you know it doesn't have to be this way. You're looking for someone you can trust enough to drop the pretense and learn how to live with courage and connection.

Hi, I'm Dena ...

This section used to be full of info about where I've worked, where I went to school and what kind of therapy I do. But then I realized you're not here for all that. (Although you can still find that info here if you're interested.) You're here because there's something going on for you that you need help with. And you want to know if I'm the right therapist to help you.

I am a multicultural, feminist therapist who identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. As an Arab American who was raised Muslim, I know how it feels to be outside the mainstream. As a person with fair skin and a feminine appearance, I know how it feels for my identities to be "invisible." I bring these unique perspectives into the therapy room to help you.