Anti-Oppression Trainings

Because Cultural "Competence" isn't enough.


The Anti-Oppression Therapist Workship Series

When it comes to changing racism, sexism, homophobia, abelism and gender discrimination, we each have a part to play. "Some of us are marching in the streets.

Some of us are lobbying government.

Some of us are donating money.

Some of us are having tough conversations with family and friends.

Some of us are educating ourselves.

A revolution has many lanes - be kind to yourself and to others who are traveling in the same direction.

Just keep your foot on the gas."*

Cobble Road

You know that one of your lanes is in the therapy room and you want to be the best therapist you can for all of your clients, not just the clients who are like you.

I can help you keep your foot on the gas.

This intensive small group training kicks-off with a 90-minute interactive workshop where we begin to unpack the origins of oppressive therapy - ourselves.


Throughout this 6-month program, we'll push ourselves out of our comfort levels as we walk through:

What it means to "do my own work" around white supremacy and other oppressions.

The oppressive history of psychotherapy.

Exploring how my cultural background impacts my work as a therapist.

How to be an effective trauma informed therapist with clients who are traumatized by our oppressive culture every day.

Treatment planning with QTBIPOC clients that honors their lived experiences.


We'll put into action all of this hard work to help you build an Anti-Oppression Therapy Practice. We'll examine:

How to attract more QTBIPOC folx to your practice.

How we set practice policies that support QTBIPOC folx.

Making your office space safe for QTBIPOC clients.

This isn't:

a group to help you feel better about White Supremacy or the privilege you have.

a place to rest in what you already know.

a place where "this is how it's always been done" is the "right" answer.

This is a group for therapists who are ready to dig deep, do the work and transform the way they work with ALL clients.

I'm here when you're ready to move beyond Competence.