Specializing in Therapy for Marginalized Individuals

Transgender Care

Together, we can discover what's next for you and help you take those steps. I can provide resources, like how to change your name and gender marker legally, and, if appropriate "the letter" for hormones or surgery. We'll explore how your gender impacts other areas of your life, your relationships, and your career. Most importantly, we'll work together on helping you find joy in your identity and give you the tools to be your own biggest supporter. My past work with transgender,veterans has given me an open look into your world and nothing you bring to me will be shocking, scary or "wrong."

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The idea of looking at the past "bad things" that happened to you can be absolutely terrifying. I know - I've been there. In therapy with me, we will go slow, build trust and work together at your pace to uncover the past, heal the pain and help you move forward. I use a relationship-centered approach to help you find relief from the symptoms of trauma and to build the life you want. We will use a combination of talk therapy, EMDR therapy, skills learning, body work, and Mindfulness to help you feel better, stay present, to be better able to enjoy today.

Another origin of trauma is the result of the systemic and individual violence Black, Indigenous,  and other People of Color face on a daily basis. There are a countless number of injuries that happen each day that impact your physical, emotional and spiritual health. If we work together, I will support you in your activism, if that's where your energy is; I will support you in discovering what helps you heal, if that's what you need; and I will support you by honoring your innate knowledge.You don't have to go through this alone. 

Healing Professionals

Things that once felt like solid parts of your identity; your faith, your history, your cultural background, are now feeling like something that holds you back or carries trauma for you; what you once loved about yourself has become something you don’t feel comfortable accepting or expressing. You're wondering "who am I"? You're wondering "how do I find where I belong?" You're thinking "I'm so tired of feeling like a round peg in a square hole." And you're hoping to find someone who understands that feeling, and will work to understand your unique experiences. I believe that all your identities belong in the therapy room, and, together, we can explore how all your pieces fit together.

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Healing Professionals

Is it time for your own self-care? Maybe you're wondering "how do I know if I need to see someone?" Are you struggling with compassion fatigue or burnout? Are your own clients pushing you to look at things you thought were resolved? Is the stress pushing you to consider leaving the profession? Maybe it feels like everything is on you to fix or figure out? ? Is it a struggle to find the joy in things you know should feel joyful? I know that feeling. I believe therapists should be in therapy and can help you begin to come back to being the healer that you are while taking care of yourself..

Active Duty Military and Veterans' Spouses

Military life brings with it it's own struggles, that can be hard to explain to someone new. I can help you explore and express with the difficulties inherent in military life, especially when there are so many expectations from the outside world of who you should be and how you should act. These experiences and relationships are complicated and you’re getting so many mixed messages of thanks and support but maybe those messages aren’t what you need or aren’t  helping. We'll explore new coping strategies for the unique situations military and veteran spouses experience. Together, we'll find solutions for the problems you face and celebrate the joys in your life and give you the tools to feel in control of your life and relationship to others.

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Sometimes, coming out is only the first challenge; sometimes coming out is the biggest. Maybe coming out wasn’t challenging, it was everything after that became difficult. Together, we'll work through the struggles that come with living out and fully embracing who you are and the relationships you want to have in your life. We'll also focus on resolving any depressed or anxious feelings you may have regarding your identity, safety, or feeling stuck and lost in today’s world.